Kit Kat is Launching a Liquid Nitrogen-Chilled Chocolate Store

 - Jul 22, 2016
References: en.rocketnews24 & luxurylaunches
Tokyo's Daikanyama district is set to be home to a new Kit Kat boutique—the ninth of its kind in Japan—that will serve up unique chilled chocolate treats.

One of the specialities of the 'Below Freezing Chocolatory' store will be a 'Minus-196 Degrees Celsius' Kit Kat that's kept chilled with liquid nitrogen. This cooling technique creates a Kit Kat chocolate that's extra crisp and crunchy on the outside. There will also be a range of desserts and sauces that will be served at the Kit Kat shop with cooling from liquid nitrogen.

With the rise of cold brew coffee, liquid nitrogen has made the transition from the lab to cafe environments and restaurants, offering consumers theatrics as well as ultra-quick cooling.