From Mindful Beauty Bars to Male-Targeting Beauty Collections

 - Aug 9, 2015
These August 2015 cosmetics range from male-targeting skincare lines to TV-inspired makeup collections that promise to deliver flawless, photo-finish results. In addition to the month`s revolutionary makeup products, a focus on male-targeting skincare is present. While traditional shaving creams are being replaced with organic face bars and skin-cooling solutions, luxury hair care is no longer being offered to a female majority.

From lifestyle-specific skincare lines -- GOA Skincare`s mission is to reduce aging effects for males who are smokers and drinkers -- to luxe haircare that is designed with the modern gentleman in mind, male skincare is getting an upscale overhaul with products that embody quality and elegance.

In addition to male-targeting skincare, these August 2015 cosmetics also include herb-infused dry and solid shampoo products along with deodorants and insect repellents that are both natural and chemical-free.