This Anti-Aging Cream is Created with Cutting-Edge Science

 - Jul 31, 2015
References: erasaskincare & cosmeticsdesign
ESRA recently launched a new anti-aging cream using the millennial-focused name of 'Xep-30.' The name of this product was created to captivate the interests of the youthful, yet aging generation.

Xep-30 is a play on both the words "exceptional" and "accept." The play on exceptional portrays that the product is created through an unparalleled scientific process. The play on the word accept encourages consumers to make peace with the fact that their bodies and minds are aging while introducing them to a product that will maintain their youthful skin.

The anti-aging cream is specifically designed to target millennial females through the use of pink color schemes and floral images. The product is also promoted by youthful women in their early 30s. Overall, the cream's marketing campaign and product name are carefully geared to the aging millennial generation.