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Trend Reports
Discover why 1,186 brands rely on our AI-powered Trend Reports to get better, faster insights.
Join 330,681 subscribers who rely on our weekly newsletter to keep up with need-to-know trends and insights.
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Fun Trends

Offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the fun and alwayss entertaining culture at Trend Hunter, this category offers everything from Trend Hunter’s monthly fun day outings to milestone events and employee gatherings.
play_circle_filled Creative Workshops Cafes
Creative Workshops Cafes
Paint Cabin is a Coffee Shop by Day, Creative Makerspace by Night
Toronto’s Leslieville neighborhood is home to Paint Cabin, a cozy creative workshop that doubles as a coffee house. Once inside, this relaxed environment begins to feel like your own studio... MORE
play_circle_filled Artistic Team-Building Events
Artistic Team-Building Events
Anybody Can Get Their Paint on at Public Art Studio Paintlounge
As part of a fun and creative team-builder, the Trend Hunter team had the opportunity to do some painting at Paintlounge, a public art studio based in Toronto. In addition to providing free wifi,... MORE
play_circle_filled Branded Picture Booths
Branded Picture Booths
PartyPix Offers Marketing Opportunities in the Form of a Party Photo Booth
A party photo booth is a fun addition to any event, whether it’s a company holiday party, a wedding or a special birthday. Trend Hunter recently sat down with Toronto-based PartyPix Owners... MORE
play_circle_filled Vegetarian Butcher Shops
Vegetarian Butcher Shops
YamChops Discusses Creative Vegetarian and Vegan Protein Options
While adhering to a vegetarian diet and still getting enough vegan protein can be difficult, one Toronto-based eatery is trying to put their own spin on things. Located on College Street, YamChops... MORE
Dotcom Skating Trips: Trend Hunter Fun Day
Dotcom Skating Trips: Trend Hunter Fun Day
The TH Crew Embarks on an Ice Skating Adventure
As snowflakes gracefully descended onto the icy walkways and one’s breath could be clearly seen while exhaling, the Trend Hunter team ventured outside to begin their ice skating adventure. ... MORE
Karaoke Dance Parties: Trend Hunter Fun Day
Karaoke Dance Parties: Trend Hunter Fun Day
Karaoke dance parties require a group of dedicated individuals ready to sing with all their hearts. It was a chilly November night when the Trend Hunters stepped outside and went on a karaoke craze... MORE
play_circle_filled Toronto Beer Festival
Toronto Beer Festival
Trend Hunter Interviewed Salt-N-Pepa at the Toronto Beer Festival
The party was pumping at this summer’s Toronto Beer Festival, and Trend Hunter was there to experience the brews and the beats. The Toronto Beer Festival was a huge success, drawing in... MORE
play_circle_filled Toilet Paper Runways
Toilet Paper Runways
The White Cashmere Collection 2012 Fashion with Compassion Show
Trend Hunter recently attended the White Cashmere Collection 2012: Fashion with Compassion show, which featured gorgeous designer gowns all made from toilet paper. Although the designers were all... MORE
Wellness Collab
Artists work with platforms that turn their music into relaxing soundscapes
Trend - The popularity of ASMR, and auditory wellness platforms has inspired popular musical artists to do the same. Artists who collaborate with these platforms are using AI and professional expertise to transform their songs into ambient music that can be used for meditation, sleep, and/or focus.

Insight - The popularity of wellness that's based in auditory experiences is growing--with Gen Z being especially likely to enjoy ambient music. As more people turn to music and soundscapes to decompress, work/study, and fall asleep--artists from all genres are presented with an opportunity to expand their reach, while finding a new way to connect and build connections with their current listeners.
Workshop Question - How could your brand use wellness to forge deeper connections with its customers?
play_circle_filled Outdoor Team Adventures
Outdoor Team Adventures
Trend Hunter Visited an Eco Retreat for Fun Team-Building Activities
Earlier this summer, the Trend Hunter team packed up and took a trip to Ontario’s Long Point Eco Adventures to take part in a variety of team-building activities in the great outdoors.... MORE
play_circle_filled Eco Team-Building Retreats
Eco Team-Building Retreats
Long Point Eco Adventures Offers Skill-Building Activities & Adventure
The Trend Hunter team recently visited Long Point Eco Adventures for a fun-filled weekend of team-building and outdoor activities. Long Point Eco Adventures in Ontario specializes in providing... MORE
Children's Birthday Party Venues
Children's Birthday Party Venues
424 Play Factory is the Ultimate Children's Birthday Party Venue
The 424 Play Factory offers a hassle-free solution for children’s birthday parties, boasting a cutting-edge indoor playground complete with various activities, a dedicated party area, and cost-... MORE
play_circle_filled Slow-Motion Photo Booths
Slow-Motion Photo Booths
Attendees Created Their Own Slowmo Videos at Future Festival 2016
Although the thought of jumping up and down while wielding a plastic sword may not sound like the average conference activity, this is exactly what attendees experienced at Trend Hunter’s... MORE
play_circle_filled Collaborative Cocktail Tastings
Collaborative Cocktail Tastings
Minister Group Teaches Teams How to Mix the Perfect Cocktail
Toronto’s Minister Group is a full-service cocktail agency specializing in events such as team-building exercises. Unlike other catering companies, Minister Group employs a customized approach,... MORE
play_circle_filled Maker Sewing Studios
Maker Sewing Studios
'The Make Den' in Toronto Teaches All About Handcrafting
For this month’s team-building event, the Trend Hunter team took a trip to The Make Den, a sewing studio in Toronto. The Make Den offers a range of beginner, intermediate and advanced classes... MORE
play_circle_filled Seasonal Craft Brews
Seasonal Craft Brews
Brew Master Joel Manning Discusses Mill Street's Collection of Summer Beers
One of the best ways to cool down in hot weather is to enjoy ice cold summer beers, especially in a social setting with friends or family. Mill Street Brewing Company Brew Master Joel Manning... MORE
play_circle_filled Experimental Beverage Studios
Experimental Beverage Studios
Future Food Studio and BEVLAB Explore the Future of Beverage
If you are curious about food experimentation and the future of beverage, this laboratory and workshop is definitely worth checking out. Recently the Trend Hunter team had the opportunity to visit... MORE
play_circle_filled Unique Gourmet Teahouses
Unique Gourmet Teahouses
Tealish Redefines Fine Teas in Toronto with High Quality Ingredients
There are few things as restorative as a cup of tea on a cold day, which is something the Trend Hunter team experienced first hand at a recent outing at Tealish Fine Teas in the Queen West... MORE
play_circle_filled Real Life Room Escapes
Real Life Room Escapes
Scott McInnes Explains the Experience Behind Live Locked Room Escape Games
If you have ever wondered if you would be able to use your own smarts to escape a locked room, you can see for yourself with live room escape games. Trend Hunter spoke to Game Master Scott McInnes... MORE
play_circle_filled Beta Live Gaming
Beta Live Gaming
Startup Battlegrounds is Developing a Realistic Live Gaming Experience
If you are an avid video gamer and wish you could enjoy the physicality of a live game, Battlegrounds Live Gaming Experience will be right up your alley. Currently in beta testing, the game consists... MORE
play_circle_filled Employee Mixology Events
Employee Mixology Events
Trend Hunter Staff Learn Cocktail Mixology in the Spirit of Togetherness
In keeping with company culture, Trend Hunter invited experienced mixologist Haritha Gnanaratna to break in their new in-house bar and teach staff the basics of cocktail mixology. The happy hour-... MORE
play_circle_filled Video Scavenger Hunts
Video Scavenger Hunts
The Staff of Trend Hunter Compete in a City Wide Search Challenge
Armed with cameras and competitive spirit, the Trend Hunter crew took to the streets of Toronto on a sunny September day to take part in a video scavenger hunt of epic proportions. After dividing... MORE
play_circle_filled The Trend Hunter Billion View Party
The Trend Hunter Billion View Party
A Peek Into Our Huge Billion-View Bash
When Trend Hunter hit its billion-view mark, Trend Hunters across the globe celebrated with us through tweets, Facebook posts and other digital forms of love. We at the Toronto office, however,... MORE
play_circle_filled Brew-Showcasing Events
Brew-Showcasing Events
Les Murray Discusses Toronto's Festival of Beer and Great Tasting Product
There’s certainly no shortage of events in Canada’s largest city, but Toronto’s Festival of Beer is certainly a stand-alone experience. Trend Hunter recently chatted with Toronto&#... MORE
Steamwhistle Brewery Tour: Trend Hunter Fun Day
Steamwhistle Brewery Tour: Trend Hunter Fun Day
On one of the first scorching days of summer, it only seemed natural to send the Trend Hunter team on the Steamwhistle Brewery tour. One of the most refreshing and thirst-quenching fun days yet,... MORE