Trend Hunter Staff Learn Cocktail Mixology in the Spirit of Togetherness

 - May 6, 2014
In keeping with company culture, Trend Hunter invited experienced mixologist Haritha Gnanaratna to break in their new in-house bar and teach staff the basics of cocktail mixology. The happy hour-replacing Mixology Fun Day acted as a team builder as well as a delicious kickstart to the weekend.

Trend Hunter employees covered cocktail mixology 101, from spirits to bitters and spring specific flavors. They then got to try their hand at making three different drinks crafted by Haritha: the Dawn Breaker, the Hanged Man and Providence. They also had the option of mixing their own concoctions, applying what they had just learned.

These seasonally appropriate drinks not only welcomed spring weather, they also helped foster a spirit of warmth and camaraderie among staff members.