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WTF Trends

60 Robot Gift Ideas
60 Robot Gift Ideas
From Franchise Robot Toys to Underwater Phone Drones
With technology continuing to evolve, more advanced devices are becoming accessible to consumers, with these robot gift ideas incorporating a number of recent launches that boast practical uses.... MORE
Hair-Implanted Vase Collections
Hair-Implanted Vase Collections
'Poilu Vases' Feature Artificial Hair to Create a Dynamic Texture
Designed to comment on the relationship between nature and technology, the Poilu Vases are made to look like they can grow hair. The idea to incorporate hair into the 3D printing process started... MORE
25 Pizza Party Innovations
25 Pizza Party Innovations
From VIP Pizza Boxes to Fast Food-Themed Rapper Apparel
These pizza party innovations range from VIP pizza boxes to rapper apparel pop-ups hosted inside a local NYC pizzeria. While Lil Yachty’s ‘Yachty’s Pizzeria’ pop-up... MORE
Energy Drink-Infused Sausages
Energy Drink-Infused Sausages
Maguire Meats Now Sells Vodka and Red Bull-Flavored Sausages
Maguire Meats in Northern Ireland has released a new product with a boozy twist. Its new vodka and Red Bull-infused sausages have found viral success with their unexpected flavor combination. Based... MORE
Cat Feces-Based Skincare
Cat Feces-Based Skincare
The Hermetise Skincare Regimen Costs $5,000 and Contains Cat Excrement
This cat feces skincare routine by Hermetise is one of the more unique ways to get healthy, ageless skin. The Hermetise Kopi Luwak Anti-Pollution Oxygen Brightening Treatment is a three-step system... MORE
Cat Hair Timepieces
Cat Hair Timepieces
These Unconventional Watches are Made from Pet Fur That's Taken from a Brush
Some cat lovers have an incredibly close bond with their pets, and those looking to make this clear are likely to see the value of The Companion Collection: watches made from cat hair. To create... MORE
20 Plant-Based Protein Snacks
20 Plant-Based Protein Snacks
From Sprouted Tofu Blocks to Hemp Snack Bars
The ongoing popularity of protein-rich foods and the rise of meat-free diets have ultimately converged in the form of a new food category: plant-based protein snacks. While some of these snacks are... MORE
Soup-Scented Bath Salts
Soup-Scented Bath Salts
Village Vanguard's Bath Salts Smell Like Various Soup Flavors
Bath salts are a great addition to a relaxing bath in the evening and ‘Village Vanguard’ is helping bathers to foster their need for a midnight snack at the same time with its line of... MORE
Hilarious Crotch-Accenting Pants
Hilarious Crotch-Accenting Pants
GU's Ridiculous Pants are a Collab with Luxe Designer Kim Jones
A pair of creatively ridiculous pants that draw attention to the area of the crotch is surfacing on the Internet. The garment has been produced as part of a collaboration between Japanese brand GU —... MORE
Cat Milk Lip Glosses
Cat Milk Lip Glosses
Applying This Lip Gloss from 'Felissimo' Feels Like Kissing a Kitten's Nose
Japanese cosmetics brand ‘Felissimo’ released a cat milk lip gloss that is meant to feel as if one is kissing a kitten’s wet nose. The ‘Hin-Yari Ohana’ gloss features... MORE
Human-Sized Pet Houses
Human-Sized Pet Houses
The Human Pet House by Bibi Lab Offers Privacy
Japanese retailer Bibi Lab designed a human pet house that will grant consumers privacy and comfort “in case [they] need a hiding spot to get away from taxes and movie spoilers.” The... MORE
Savory Pickle-Flavored Sorbets
Savory Pickle-Flavored Sorbets
Salt & Straw's Dill Pickle Sorbet is a Pickle Lover's Dream Dish
While Salt & Straw is no stranger to obscure ice cream flavors, now the creamery is taking things to the next level with its new Dill Pickle Sorbet. Ideal for those who can’t get enough of... MORE
Chocolate-Dipped Squid Ice Creams
Chocolate-Dipped Squid Ice Creams
The Giapo Kitchen Squid Ice Cream is Charmingly Delicious
The Giapo Kitchen Squid Ice Cream comes as one of the latest creations from an ice cream parlor that provides an Instagram-worthy dessert for patrons to pick up. The ice cream cone consists of a... MORE
Insect-Based Burgers
Insect-Based Burgers
Coop's Essento Insect Burgers Feature a Nutritional Mealworm Base
As its name suggests, the Essento Insect Burgers are filled with creepy crawlies that pack a nutritious punch for those brave enough to eat them. Brought to the market by Coop, these burgers will be... MORE
Human Clock Faces
Human Clock Faces
This Clock Uses a Human Eye to Represent the Passing of Time
We+, a Tokyo-based contemporary design company, designed a human clock face, which uses human eyes to demonstrate the passing of time. Giving an entirely new meaning to a “clock face,”... MORE
City Scent-Reporting Apps
City Scent-Reporting Apps
'Smell PGH' Lets You Report Potentially Life-Threatening Smells
‘Smell PGH’ is a city scent-reporting app that’s attempting to provide metropolitan areas with a little relief. The smell of a skunk or a passing garbage truck is only temporary,... MORE
Automated Sales Assistants
Automated Sales Assistants
Singaporean Startup Saleswhale Supplies a Virtual Sales Assistant
This virtual sales assistant interacts with inbound leads using natural language. Developed by Singapore-based company Saleswhale, the automated sales development assistant helps you manage both... MORE
Relationship-Based Hotel Refunds
Relationship-Based Hotel Refunds
The Countryside Hotel Offers Refunds to Guests Who Divorce
A Swedish hotel chain is offering guests a refund—but with strings attached: you only qualify if you get divorced in the year following your stay. The Countryside luxury hotel group designed... MORE
play_circle_filled Wastewater-Brewed Beers
Wastewater-Brewed Beers
Stone Brewing Full Circle Pale Ale is Made Using 100% Wastewater
Stone Brewing Full Circle Pale Ale is a new beer from the San Diego-based brewery made using unusual water. The water is “unusual” in the sense that it is 100% wastewater. The beer was... MORE
Pickle-Marinated Chicken Burgers
Pickle-Marinated Chicken Burgers
Fixe Restaurant Offers a Burger with Southern Inspirations
The Fixe restaurant goes back to Austin’s roots by ensuring that its food has modern but Southern aspects to it, and its chicken burger is no different. To make the buns for the burger, the... MORE
Strawberry Shortcake Instant Noodles
Strawberry Shortcake Instant Noodles
Ippei-chan's Instant Fried Noodles are Dessert-Flavored
Instant noodle flavors tend to fall into relatively homogeneous categories like teriyaki or miso, but Ippei-chan’s new noodle flavor takes the ready-made dish into an entirely different food... MORE
Armpit-Sniffing Date Nights
Armpit-Sniffing Date Nights
The Romancing the Armpit Event Had Singles Sniffing Out Their Matches
Earlier this spring, Bompas & Parr hosted an unusual date night dubbed ‘Romancing the Armpit.’ For those frustrated with the difficulties of meeting a potential love interest, this... MORE
Top 100 Business Trends of 2016
Top 100 Business Trends of 2016
From Robot-Run Pizzerias to Members-Only Retail Stores
The 2016 business trends demonstrate changes in both how brick and mortar storefronts and online retailers and businesses are structuring themselves. Whether in the field of food and beverages,... MORE
Coral Reef Burials
Coral Reef Burials
'Hawaii Memorial Reefs' Turns People's Remains into Coral Reefs
Instead of cremations or burials, environmentally conscious people are looking for more sustainable ways to handle their remains when their time comes, and Hawaii Memorial Reefs has just such a... MORE