'Finger Quilt' Makes Photographic Quilts Using the iPhone Camera

 - Sep 21, 2016
References: itunes.apple & fastcodesign
Rather than taking basic, single-image photographs, the Finger Quilt app adds some surrealism to iPhone users' photography by allowing them to create quilt-like collages with their cameras. Available for iOS, Finger Quilt splits the camera's view into a series of tiles, and users can use it to capture images within each of these tiles one at a time.

Finger Quilt uses that name because, in the same way that quilts are several small segments that make up an entire blanket, the app makes several smaller images into one complete photo. To use it, collage-makers simply decide how large they want the tiles to be, then click on any tile to capture what is currently inside it. Then, that tile's image gets saved while the rest of the tiles remain available.