- Jun 13, 2012
Those looking to spice up their home dining experience need look no further than these pieces of kooky kitchenware.

For many, home cooking is not just about the food, but the atmosphere as well. Of course, in most major cities there is a smorgasbord of nice restaurants to choose from; still, few restaurants can match the intimacy and comfort of one's own home.

Some people prefer rustic interior design, as they find earthy tones and heavy set furniture to be comforting and reassuring. Others are more inclined towards modernist aesthetics; straight edges and sharp angles can be visually stimulating and elegant. Sometimes though, it's fun to be a little kitsch and offbeat.

Although kooky kitchenware like novelty cutlery and bug-shaped salt shakers may not be appropriate for a black tie event, it does provide some entertainment to go along with one's meal.

From Eccentric Cutlery to Quirky Cutting Boards: