This SOMA Studio Design Crafts Cupcakes

 - May 10, 2012
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In this recent design, SOMA studio aims to clean up the kitchen. Baking can be a messy business; icing sticks to counters and cutlery. Breadcrumbs never seem to stay in one place. For all intents and purposes, flour, being fine-grained and easily blown around, is dust. All this means that after baking something, one needs to clean up the mess of doing so.

This is what makes the SOMA TVS Bakeware concept so appealing. In one coherent design, it incorporates the following components: two cake dishes, a handle, measuring cups, as well as handle and cups for sauce. The bake-ware is especially suited to making cakes and cupcakes, with different components tailored to each. This space-saving and focused design reduces mess.

Yet beyond its cake-focused functions, the design is curiously reminiscent of a hamburger.