From Fast Food Launchers to Chinese Fruity Beauty Contests

 - Aug 8, 2014
Food publicity stunts always make for a fun experience, as there are almost as many ways to promote a food-related product or service as there are food varieties out there. The emergence of the Internet and social media has only expanded the ways in which food manufacturers and retailers can publicize and promote their offerings.

Of course, the oldest and most easy way to create food publicity is to give away free food. It doesn't matter if you're a debt-ridden college student or a high-flying investment banker, everyone likes free food and giving food away is a tried and tested way to get consumers to like your brand.

Hosting competitions and giving away prizes is also a good way to get people enthused about a food brand. Another popular tactic is to offer customers alternative services if they don't enjoy the food.

Flash mobs, eye-catching visual installations and experiential marketing campaigns and contests are also viable and fun ways to promote food products.