The Winner of this Beauty Contest gets a Lifetime Supply of Fruit

 - Mar 13, 2014
References: & marketwatch
Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss (Insert Country Name Here)... now you can be Miss Fruit!

China Fruits Corporation, a producer and retailer of fresh fruits in China, is launching the 'Taina Miss Fruit' beauty contest. The contest is sponsored by the Taina store brand of fresh fruits owned by China Fruits Corp. The contest aims to promote the Taina fruit brand and advocate the benefits of fruit-eating to China's growing urban population.

The contestant who is crowned Miss Fruit will be appointed brand ambassador of Taina fruits, receive a cash reward and receive a lifetime supply of fruit from Taina's fruit offerings. In addition to Miss Fruit, three other top winners will be crowned and seven other contestants will receive individual awards.

Interestingly, only those proficient in English can enter the contest. This is because China Fruits Corp is a U.S. public company and is looking for an English-speaking brand ambassador.