Jones Serves Up BBQ Food and Foot Massages

The recession has caused a lot of businesses to rethink their strategy and expand into areas never before considered. Many do this by setting up Facebook pages, Twittering or expanding their product lines. Jones' Good Ass BBQ says that if you don’t like their BBQ, they will give you a foot massage.

Barbeques and barbecued food is all about the fun. From drinking beer all day while the Q cooks to getting BBQ sauce from ear to elbow when you eat and lying about the wild boar hunt in Outer Mongolia, barbecue is fun. Jones’ Good Ass BBQ and Foot Massage is on my very short list of BBQ places to visit. These guys know how to have fun.

Toby Jones will fry anything too, dinosaurs, chickens, kittens. And the way Jones' tenderizes their meat is second to none.