Eating Objects by Ahmad Fakhry Rethink Food Preparation

 - Jun 13, 2011
References: ideleven &
Without much insight into the design of Eating Objects by Ahmad Fakhry, one can still gather some ideas that the project wishes to explore.

The ceramic tableware set incorporates some reinterpreted items one may be accustomed to seeing within the kitchen cupboards, and some others that look curiously unidentifiable. Besides cups, a pitcher, a vase and a tray, the arrangement includes couple of square dishes with perforated lids. A syringe and a baster allow for sauces to be sucked in and applied in various ways and patterns through the holes in the plate tops.

The entire setup is a peculiar one, exploring the concepts of molecular gastronomy and the experience of eating food. Eating Objects by Ahmad Fakhry looks to be an even more powerful project when several place settings are laid out down the length of a dining room table.