The Oliver Mint 'Appetizer Plates' are Highly Animated

 - Apr 6, 2012
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The latest Oliver Mint 'Appetizer Plates' collection presents an interactive approach to dining. The porcelain-clad stick figures display all kinds of treasured leisurely activity, inclusive of volleyball rounds, campfire cookouts, and the highly sought after day at the beach. Although hilarious in their own right, the kitchenware is doubly humorous once food is inserted onto the dishes, making for lively mealtime creations.

The hand-sketched mixed media images are as much functional as they are entertaining. A huge issue among parents is overcoming the challenge presented by young picky eaters. Vegetables and virtually anything green usually brings about the greatest protest, effectively undoing the consumption of balanced meals. With the Oliver Mint Appetizer Plates however, healthy food groups may be incorporated into meals in an amusing manner, and may therefore present a solution to this issue.