Drink by Erik Berglund Plays with the Positioning of the Cup Clutch

 - Dec 10, 2011
References: erikberglund.se & beckmans.se
Kitchenware designers and manufacturers have settled on a standard form in which to produce coffee cups -- the type with a roughly cylindrical vessel and a semicircular handle secured onto one side. Drink by Erik Berglund appears to rebel against the familiar silhouette by incorporating an unconventional sort of handgrip.

You might find that this unique ring-shaped helve, fixed over the rim of the mug, visually references the image of a poolside cocktail. The round slice of lemon which garnishes your Long Island ice tea seems to have been adapted to enhance the iconic quality of this piece of contemporary crockery. The leisurely pace at which you move in the morning may have no basis in a vacationer's state of mind, but the caffeinated contents of Drink by Erik Berglund are sure to produce a pick-me-up.