The Magisso Teacup is the Perfect Brewer and Sipper

 - Oct 19, 2011
References: finnstyle & incrediblethings
Fixing a cup of tea with tea bags can be tiresome and dealing with loose leaf can be awfully messy, but thankfully the Magisso teacup streamlines the brewing process. The rocking contraption changes from teapot to cup with a gentle shift. Simply fill the provided compartment with your favorite tea leaves then pour in your water and leave to steep. When ready gently rock the cup to find a new balance and enjoy.

Making a single serving of tea has never been easier than. The Magisso teacup’s sleek modular design makes you an eye-catching take on a common zen-like reprieve. Beautifully geometric and expertly designed, the Magisso teacup accomplishes the task of two pieces of kitchenware with only a slight tilt.

The Magisso teacup is the perfect gift for any tea aficionado and any high strung persons of your acquaintance who could do with a breather. Simply brew up a cup an feel the stress melt away.