Crazy Trays by Sonja Rogova Make Architecture of Domestic Contents

 - Jul 24, 2011
References: & design-milk
There is little philosophical difference between a building and an object designed for human use, so the execution of these Crazy Trays by Sonja Rogova is really quite poetic. The German student broke the requirements of a plate down to the basic physical attributes, leading her to treat this collection of crockery much like one would an architectural floor plan.

When you think about it the thing that surrounds you and the thing that use both have you in common, which explains the structured form of this peculiar tableware. The oak wood dish and its accompanying silver and yellow salvers feature a squared off sunken base flanked by a flat upper level on two sides mimicking floors and walls. The Raumgestal Crazy Trays by Sonja Rogova are just as effective for many foods, despite their singular redesigned forms.