From $35,000 Chronographs to Numerology-Inspire Timepieces

 - Jan 3, 2014
Chronographs are the original fashion-meets-function accessory, a trait further developed in the watch trends of 2013. The ideas observed in the realm of timepieces this past year focused around convenience and opulence. There were also many noteworthy technological advancements with the watches of 2013, which was seen in pieces such as the wrist-wrapped smartphone.

Aesthetically, few watches steered clear of bling and unabashed luxury, as seen with the $35,000 chronograph boasting gold, leather and a touchscreen face. This pattern of the watch face as the focal point repeated throughout the year, with some chronograph designers adding things such as LED lights or diamonds to the face. True to the minimalist design wave, others took things away from the standard watch face, as seen with the handsless time-teller.

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