The Colorclock Displays the Passage of Time by a Shifting Spectrum

 - Jan 9, 2013
References: & yankodesign
Time itself is perceived in countless ways, so why not mix up the common means of indicating the hour? The face of the Colorclock watch displays no numbers and has no hands so its user relies entirely on another unconventional signifier.

The generous square "dial" of the contemporary chronometer is essentially a screen. It emits a vivid hue at all times, but this value is constantly changing very gradually. Throughout a 24 hour period, the timepiece will have displayed a complete range of colors from one end of the spectrum to another, each consistently representing a particular time of day.

Of course, designer Maxim Mezentsev wouldn't like you to be late for a job interview or a date, so the Colorclock wristwatch is supplemented with a scale on the side to provide a more accurate reading than "red o'clock."