These Creatures by Justin Gershenson-Gates Are Made from Watch Pieces

Artist Justin Gershenson-Gates has created the small insects you'll see here from various watches salvaged for their inner components. The obscure collection of creatures includes a grasshopper, scorpion and a spider -- amongst others -- are all made using recycled timepieces.

The work by Justin Gershenson-Gates is rather steampunk-inspired with the exposed gears and intricate attention to detail taking a certain charm that's hard to mistake. There are few materials that Gershenson-Gates didn't use because all the gears, springs and gems seem to have been put to excellent new use as the body parts of these tiny insects.

One can only hope that we'll see more of these fantastical creations from Gershenson-Gates, which bend our perception of what's possible with a little imagination and a lot of determination.