The 'Average Days' Watch Shows the Standard, Worldly Person's Activity

 - Oct 14, 2013
References: mrjoneswatches & gizmodo
To see whether you're spending your time more, or less, productively than the average human being, the Average Days watch can give you up-to-the-hour information.

Designed by the accomplished watchmakers Mr Jones Watches, the watch uses statistical information supplied by the Centre for Time Use Research to indicate, at which point during the 24-hour time phase, the average human being is doing what at that time of the day. The Average Days watch, which costs approximately $230, follows a 24-hour format, taking the metallic disc and the hour hand a full day to make a complete rotation.

The minute hand of the watch works in the same way as an ordinary watch. As the disc turns, the slot reveals what activity is done for how long, after using the data of 5,000 surveyed people. The case is made from stainless steel, and a classy black leather strap with dark gray stitching. In all, only 100 pieces of this limited edition watch have been made.