- Jan 13, 2013
Getting around can be dangerous, whether in the middle of nowhere or in the busiest of bustling cities, so it’s good to know that there’s some really creative folks out there with some amazing vehicle safety ideas to make any commute more carefree.

These trends can reflect anything from smart computer systems that monitor a driver’s speed and reaction times, to reflective bicycles and car-imitating horns, to interesting education techniques and PSAs to out-right scare tactics.

Even when parking your vehicle, regardless of how fast it goes and how many wheels it sports, being safe and keeping thieves at bay can sometimes require some pretty creative thought. Getting stranded without a vehicle can sometimes be even more dangerous than being unsafe behind the wheel in motion. Some of these ideas even focus on protecting those outside of the vehicle, minimizing any collateral damage that may result in a collision.

Regardless of the safety measures listed here, the best vehicle safety ideas are to be careful, pay attention, and take your time. Be safe as possible on the roads!

From Computerised Safety to Scare-Tactic PSAs to Air Bag Helmets: