The 'Inumflis' System Pulses When Danger Approaches

 - Apr 5, 2012
References: tuvie & yankodesign
Increasing automobile safety systems still leave room for road accidents and, instead of bracing cars for inevitable impact, the 'Inumflis' system aims to give drivers ample warning when there is oncoming danger.

When sitting in a vehicle, a driver has to rely a lot on their eyes and hope for swift reaction times if ever put in a hazardous environment. With Inumflis, the steering wheel of a car gives added importance to the sense of touch by pulsing at various speeds, depending on how close any road hazards are. It is an attempt to include another discreet and effective way of being aware of danger before it becomes life-threatening. Drivers will be able to feel their environments, making it easier to track hazards and act safely and accordingly.