The Audi AMOLED Digital Rearview Display Keeps Drivers Safe

 - May 27, 2012
References: gizmag
Having a good view of objects coming up behind a car is especially important when driving around corners at breakneck speeds, which is why the Audi AMOLED digital rearview display was developed to give drivers of the brand's R18 model crystal clear vision of the cars behind them.

While digital back-view mirrors are not a new notion, as many newer car models sport this technology as a standard feature, it is the first time that this technology has been implemented in a race car. Traditional mirrors work just fine when driving to the supermarket, but when one is ripping down the racetrack at 300 mph, the turbulence and weather elements can severely blur the image.

A digital display offers the ability to see cars coming up around the bend clearly, which is an essential safety feature that will allow drivers to keep their speed at a high while avoiding collisions.