The Bicycle Light Lock Lets You Know if Someone is Stealing Your Ride

 - Nov 23, 2012
References: yankodesign
The Bicycle Light Lock, designed by Hsu Wei-Che, is a convenient way to keep tabs on your bike.

Locking up your bike can be a time-consuming hassle, especially if you are just planning to park it for just a second as you hop inside a store or drop something off at a friend's house. If you tend to use your bike all the time, you will definitely know how much anxiety can be caused by an unforeseen delay, making you worry about your bike being stolen.

When you use the Bicycle Light Lock, you can finally relax. Just clip it onto the wheel spokes and place the removable green ring on your finger. If someone tries to roll your bike away, you will instantly be alerted by the flashing green light.