From Harry Potter Themed Eyeshadow to Bedazzled Brows

 - May 29, 2012
While the envelope-pushing world of high-fashion makeup can certainly get a little quirky, some recent examples of unconventional cosmetic applications that have been appearing in magazine spreads and fashion shows take the visage from quirky to, in some cases, outright freaky.

While the makeup photographed in editorials or slathered onto models strutting the catwalk is intentionally costume-like to emanate a theme, subtlety is now being overpowered by bold, no-holds-barred applications more often than not.

Pop culture-mimicking eyeshadow looks paying homage to R2D2 and the Burger King Whopper, while certainly straying far from the neutral palette, are some of the tamer styling ideas seen to date.

The edgier looks out there include eyebrows adorned with jewels and faces painted to resemble the joker in an outright veto of the barely there, natural look.