The Neck Veins Makeup this Flickr Users has on is Out of this World

 - Jun 8, 2011
References: flickr & geekologie
There are some interesting makeup looks out there, but the neck veins makeup this Flickr user is sporting is really out of this world. Looking like she just stepped off of a scary movie set, this girl definitely enjoys experimenting with some unconventional fashion statements.

The neck veins makeup appears scarily real; not only are there veins on her neck, but it looks like they are going to grow and spread all over her body. Whether or not you enjoy looking at the makeup done here, there is no denying that this flickr user is an expert when it comes to creating things with the beauty enhancers.

I'm not sure if I would appreciate this while walking down the street, but if I saw the neck veins makeup in a movie I would definitely be impressed with the artistry.