From Candid Supermodel Captures to Brazen Celebrity Captures

 - May 28, 2013
Quintessential Terry Richardson photos are without a doubt some of the most recognizable photos in the world. Famous for his non-nonchalant hipster vibe, Terry Richardson has a serious taste for the unconventional.

Whether it's an ad campaign, an editorial in GQ or simply celebrity photography fun, a Terry Richardson photo is unlike any other style of photography out there. Highly saturated colors, Polaroid-style, white background, goofy faces and sultry poses are a part in most, if not all, of Terry's photography. From Obama, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Upton to Rhianna, Terry has a way of making the subject of his images let loose and feel as if they're having a great time playing around with a friend.

Almost as famous for his signature square glasses as he is for his photography, Terry Richardson photos capture some of this generation's most famous celebrities.