Thorsten Klapsch Takes Portraits of Carefree Hipsters

 - Jul 26, 2011
References: & photodonuts
Thorsten Klapsch is a 19-year-old veteran of the professional photography game and has shown an ability to shoot in a variety of styles, settings, and locations. In this collection of Thorsten Klapsch's work, the focus is on his penchant for portraits of gorgeous bohemian beauties, which he usually captures in a sunny or bright setting.

Don't let the shots of sunny disposition cloud your opinion of Thorsten Klapsch, he is known for his artistic versatility and his client list is as impressive as the longevity of his career. Previous clients include BMG, Columbia, Playboy, NIKE, Sony Music, and Snickers.

Looking through this collection of his work, though, it's clear that his eye for capturing sensual looking innocent models at a moment of laid-back serenity, exuding the candid touch that has made photographers like Terry Richardson and Olivier Zahm the toast of the photography town.

Thorsten Klapsch's artistic flexibility stretches further than the photography world. As an artist, his work is featured in the German ZeitMagazin DESIGN #15 issue.

Thorsten Klapsch is a genuine Jack Of All Trades, and a master of many.

Implications - In the last few years, there has been a movement toward featuring 'regular' and 'average' people in marketing. Campaigns like the 'Dove Campaign for Real Beauty' have placed a premium on marketing that shows normal people benefitting from a brand's product. A company can capitalize on this by featuring advertising that appears to be candid shots, or features actual consumers of the brand's products, creating an authentic personal connection between brand and consumer.