This Vogue Paris November 2012 Feature Stars Anja Rubik

This Vogue Paris November 2012 feature stars the amazing Anja Rubik in a dynamically monochromatic editorial that epitomizes Parisian-chic.

Rubik shows her love for perfume as she poses with various luxury perfume bottles sporting them in different ways. She kisses a Dolce & Gabbana perfume in one frame and sports a Yves Saint Laurent fragrance as a statement necklace. Rubik gives off an energetic vibe as she connects with photographer Terry Richardson.

Richardson is known for his ability to capture dynamic visuals that truly portray his subject's personality. This Vogue Paris November 2012 editorial is no exception as he portrays the fun energy of Rubik. This spread shows off the chromatic palette of her clothing that contrasts with the statement perfumes and makes for a novel way to pay tribute to fragrance.