From Personified Rodents to Giant Plush Activists

 - Jul 20, 2012
These squirrel-inspired creations are bursting in amusing and downright strange features. The animal's characteristic beady eyes and bushy tails are seen all-too-often in neighborhood parks and sidewalks.

Whether they're posing in a high-flying photoshoot or starring in hilarious online videos, these fuzzy little creatures continue to fascinate passing patrons. While some squirrel-inspired creations are thigh-slapping and jovial, others are spine-tingling freaky. For example, your friends would certainly question your sense of humor if you started opening up brewskis with a squirrel-stuffed bottle opener.

Having adapted to the grueling conditions of the big city, these furry friends have taken on some comedic human characteristics. If you are looking for a good laugh or wanting to play a prank on someone, consider taking a browse through these squirrel-inspired creations.