Rapping Squirrel Promotes Cumbria

 - Apr 12, 2007
References: bbc
Whilst totally cringeworthy - this film is still of interest and has got ridiculous amounts of press coverage in the UK in all papers and on all news channels. I guess if its not amazing, it needs to be really bad to get massive amounts of coverage.

William Wordsworth's 200-year-old poem celebrating the Lake District was set to rap music by a red squirrel called MC Nuts, and posted on You Tube. It was released by Cumbrian tourist bosses to try and lure young people to the district.

MC Nuts, is the Lake District's Red Squirrel mascot whilst Daffodils is one of England's most easily recognised poems.

Dont watch it for its artisitc qualities, its an example of how truly awful films can get massive coverage hits due to YouTube - a bit like cheddar vision also on this site I guess.

Lets leave the final words to the PR brains behind the film