- Dec 19, 2008
Rats, mice, squirrels, cockroaches, and pigeons are generally characterized as unwanted pests in both metropolitan and suburban settings. They are as hated as they are ubiquitous, inspiring veterinary researchers to create animal birth control to halt their reviled rate of reproduction.

Some designers, however, celebrate and exploit the visceral reaction these pests create. Rats were a crucial component of Banksy's "Crude Oils" exhibition. And Zoo York let branded cockroaches on the loose during a guerrilla campaign.

Artists have even immortalized these pests in creative and beautiful forms. The House of Mouse handmade toys are adorable, and far preferable to their real-life counterparts. And Dan Funderburgh's 'City Paper' wallpaper blends rats, pigeons and fire hydrants into a traditional toile print for a most confusing juxtaposition.

From Spy Pigeons to Rat-Infested Wallpaper: