UK Sterilization Plan

 - Oct 4, 2007
References: telegraph
In order to control the rapidly growing squirrel population, the UK is looking to have the rodents sterilized. With over five million grey squirrels darting about Britain, the government has decided to take control of the situation. The red squirrel population is dwindeling as a result, the species losing the survival of the fittest battle against its grey counterpart.

"Grey squirrels carry squirrelpox virus which does not harm them but kills reds squirrels," the Telegraph said. "As well as forcing out red squirrels, greys destroy trees by stripping bark and have taken their toll on songbird populations by taking eggs. They also steal food from garden bird tables and infest loft spaces."

So what's the plan of action? Just like the pigeons who were put on oral contraceptives, squirrels will also be put on the pill.