Rats At KFC-Taco Bell, NYC Wreak Havoc For Yum

 - Feb 26, 2007
References: foxnews
NYC health department closed the Greenwich Village oulet after rats were seen running wild in the outlet. Far from a localised issue - this has global consquences, as a video of the vermin has exploded over the internet and made headlines around the globe. A huge PR crisis is unfolding infront of our eyes - yet Yum don't seem to have realised the scale of the disaster. They issued a statement claiming this was "an isolated incident". They seem to have overlooked the fact that the internet has put an end to a crisis remaining 'local' - it may only have affected one outlet - but it has spread across the web like wildfire and Yum have failed to respond adequately to the crisis. This isn't the first health scare for Yum, after an E-coli breakout at the end of last year, and it isn't the first time they have mismanaged a crisis! Given there is nothing like rats to put you off your food - this doesn't look good for Yum - which is clearly anything but!