Zoo York Guerrilla Campaign

 - Jul 26, 2008
References: brandlife.es
Do you want to know what true guerrilla marketing is all about? It does not have anything to do with the use of urban space as a billboard or placing thousands of stickers on urban furniture: that is already history. Thanks to skateboard brand, Zoo York, guerrilla marketing has been taken to the next level!

Check out the craziest advertising support that you have seen thus far. The Zoo York team painted the brand's logo onto the backs of thousands of live cockroaches. Next, they put them inside people's backpacks and, after doing some cool stuff with their skates, they released them on Wall Street.

The reaction of the people is priceless! The fun the skateboarders got out of it is even greater, even though the idea of having hundreds of cockroaches on my feet just freaks me out. I have to say that the idea is just brilliant though.... of course, when kept miles away from where I live!

Below is another trend for cockroach lovers!