40 Guerrilla Ads, Art And Activism

 - Oct 4, 2008
Guerrilla ad campaigns, art and activism are edgy, eye-opening and attention-grabbing. In the vast symposium that fosters human creativity, guerrilla advertising is the guy on stilts who crashes the academic brainstorming to pass out a pop-up book that sings.

We love all things guerrilla here at Trend Hunter, and this collection of 40 guerrila ads, art and activism proves it. You'll see impromptu flower beds to promote Havaianas sandals, fairytales revived for hair care products, impromptu seed-spreading efforts conducted by bicycle, and plenty of giant, in-your-face art.

Take a look through this cluster and see if you can find a piece of guerrilla advertising, art or activism that you wouldn't give a second look if you encountered it in person.