Battery Energy Drink Campaign

 - Jul 5, 2008
References: batterydrink & adsoftheworld
This new guerrilla campaign for Battery Energy Drink uses urinals as a medium to promote the strength of the product. Trend Hunter has previously featured a similar campaign for Eisenbahn Strong Golden Ale, but I think the execution of this Battery Energy Drink guerrilla campaign is much more creative and effective.

Battery is the #1 energy drink in Finland, by Oy Sinebrychoff Ab, with about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of espresso coffee.

In addition to creating the illusion that your pee has cracked the urinals via stickers, the campaign creatively places a poster of the drink above the urinals, right where your head would be. The poster creates the illusion that you are drinking Battery while peeing (and breaking the urinals).

I think it's a great enhancement on an already cool and effective concept.

Nice work by art director Marco Salvador for Rivas Herrera / Y&R;advertising agency on this June 2008 campaign.