Guerrilla Campaign Packages Garbage as Seafood

 - May 3, 2008
References: adsoftheworld
Imagine going to the seafood section of your grocery store to pick up shrimp or squid only to be faced with a package that looks like seafood but is actually purely garbage.

This is exactly what this brilliant Surfrider guerrilla campaign did to raise awareness for the need to keep our oceans clean.

"To put beach pollution into perspective, trash was collected from various beaches, packaged it to look like seafood and displayed it at local farmers' markets."

The trash packages include cigarette butts, condoms, rotten food, cans, assorted plastic toys and other items that pollute the beach.

This print ads extension are for people like us who couldn't actually make it to the market. I would surely lose my appetite if I saw the real thing!

Here is another ad against ocean pollution: