'Bloom' Seed Spreading by Bicycle

 - Jun 8, 2008
References: design21sdn & design21sdn
The 'Bloom' bicycle device, an entry in the Design21: Power to the Pedal competition, did not win the contest but the judges wanted to give a 'shout-out' to the designers anyway, and I can see why. 'Bloom', by Society Creative, is a bike add-on that looks like an exhaust pipe, but it is actually a cool looking, seed carrying, bubble spewing machine!

I love this...the, “seeds in the 'Bloom' device are packed into a vegetable-based soap mixture to create a 'nugget' that dissolves while pedaling. This seed nugget is placed in a reservoir inside the Bloom's aluminum housing, which is attached to the lower frame of the bike near the rear tire (similar to an exhaust pipe). As the cyclist pedals, air is swept in through the front of Bloom and in turn spins a pinwheel inside which picks up a small drop of the seed and bubble mixture. Bubbles result releasing seeds out the back as 'exhaust', which then becomes lodged in cracks and crevices throughout the city streets.” These tiny seeds will eventually grow and green-up the streets!

Although somewhat of a 'pipe dream', the visual is great... an eco-friendly bicycle rider travelling blissfully down the road...her only emissions... flower seed bubbles!