24 Fun Things Layoffs Give People Time To Do

 - Jan 29, 2009
Layoffs and the current jobless rates are frightening but they’re a reality for millions of people globally right now. While most people are dwelling on the gloom and doom of the 7.2% American unemployment rate, why not use the opportunity to reassess our lives?

Obama said, "As with the millions of jobs lost in 2008, these are working men and women whose families have been disrupted and whose dreams have been put on hold."

I say, what about looking at new dreams? Those ones you never took the time to make reality while entrenched in your work? These layoffs could encourage people to go after the other things that life is really all about.

This cluster is an example of the things that truly inspire, the things worth living for. Those dealing with layoffs would be far more optimistic if they took this time to play with their children, to create art, to get in touch with their spirituality. The cluster highlights things like gardening, DIY projects, fun photography techniques, social activism initiatives. It’s a time you can finally redesign your business card, start working out or try vegetarian cooking (trust me, it’ll save you huge bucks.)

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade!