Meet Yourself At The Osho Meditation Resort

 - Feb 19, 2007
References: osho
Travel so far to be so close to you under a luxury environment doing the most simple things of this life, sing, play, dance and talk with yourself where everybody is friendly.

"Welcome to this beautiful campus situated in the pleasant residential area of Koregaon Park, Pune, India, some fifteen minutes by air from Mumbai (formerly Bombay).This lush contemporary 40-acre campus is a tropical oasis where nature and the 21st Century blend seamlessly, both within and without. With its white marble pathways, elegant black buildings, abundant foliage and Olympic-sized swimming pool, it is the perfect setting to take time out for yourself.This is a place where you can simply relax and where you can also enjoy the company of visitors of all ages from over 100 countries. You can choose if you want to do something, or if you just want to rest, swim, meditate â€" or just to be.You can learn simple Osho Active Meditations, techniques specifically designed for the contemporary over-charged mind and stress-impacted body.You may like to nourish your body-mind-soul with a stunning selection of individual sessions, like bodywork and massage, and longer workshops and corses â€" all designed to help you become more aware of yourself.

Or perhaps experiment by learning new life skills and acquiring tools to take home, that will help you remain relaxed even in the busiest of workaday environments.The key to relaxation is awareness, being a keen observer of all that is going on both inside and around us â€" this is the inner science, often also called meditation.And while we each walk this walk alone, it is more supportive and more fun to share the process with others, whether during the various daytime activities, or in the evening â€" trying out a new meditation technique, or enjoying an evening a party, dancing, or the plaza café, watching or participating in live theater events or just going to the movies.Above all this is a unique environment created through the awareness, humor, and celebration that each of us brings to the table."