Ovation iDea Acoustic/Electric Guitar is a Recording Studio Too

 - Dec 17, 2008
References: ovationidea
Ovation Guitars successfully married music and technology in their iDea guitar. Thanks to a small panel on the side of the guitar, the Ovation iDeal allows musicians to record mp3 tracks within the guitar itself, no need for expensive recording equipment.

Not only is this concept useful for taking down inspiration as it happens, players can record a rhythm track then play lead at the same time. The Ovation iDea comes with several pre-installed tracks like "12 Bar Blues in A Minor" and "Country Ballad in D", and over a dozen more are downloadable from OvationIdea.com.

OvationIdea.com also allows musicians to brush up on technique and learn new tricks. There are a bunch of online lessons with either audio or video instruction. And there are songwriting tutorials as well.

Owning an Ovation iDea’s isn’t as expensive as you’d expect. For $599 you can be performance or studio ready instantly.