Dexter Ads

 - Jun 27, 2008
References: commercial-archive
Portugal took a new approach to TV show promotion with their guerrilla campaign for the second series of Dexter. Inspired by the blood theme of the series and murderous plot, the creatives had lots of gory ideas to implement in the campaign.

The press kit that media received consisted of four unique campaign ideas such as a clever publicity stunt in which promoters were sent out to walk or crawl on the streets of Lisbon as if somebody had stabbed them in the back. Original!

Another campaign included a kitchen wrapping kit with personalized text on the box reading, "Dexter's wrapping paper, due to its impermeability and adhesion keeps the victim well wrapped and the floor free of blood splatter. Avoiding leaving clues and traces of any crimes."

This a good example of how advertising can get juicy if you look and take the right details from the brand personality you promote.

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