Grecian Guerrilla Beautification

 - Sep 26, 2008
References: happyhotelier
Recently I was touring the Greek Isle of Kos on a scooter and came by two shops in a little city outside the city of Kos. They are on opposite sides of the street some 50 yards apart.

First I didn’t spot them, but when looking twice I spotted two ambushed cars. The first is a vintage French Citroen Deux Chevaux 2CV, a car that is near and dear to me--I have owned one and used it for our wedding. The second is a British Triumph Herald.

What a wonderful combination of sustainably correct vintage car wreck preservation and guerrilla street art.

This post is especially devoted to a fellow Trend Hunter who has said that she is "...Unamused by the complexities of coaxing a 40-year-old car through its MOT," although her car is in far a better state than this one.