Strong Beer Pee Flows Crack Urinals

 - May 25, 2008
References: adsoftheworld
Several ad agencies have recently been actively tapping into the unusual medium of public bathrooms to catch people off-guard and leave strong impressions of their brands.

Take for example this Eisenbahn Strong Golden Ale campaign by Brazilian CCZ Comunicação ad agency which uses public urinals to show how strong their beer really is.

The guerrilla campaign sticks ads on the urinal in a way that makes it look like your urine stream cracked it. The ad comes with the caption, “When we say strong beer, we mean it.”

I think the creatives did a great job with this campaign. Drinking beer is synonymous with taking a leak, so using the urinals in such a way as to impress vain men with the “strength & quality” of their peeing skills is a stroke of genius especially when the selling point of this beer is its strength.

The campaign was done by creative director Gilson Genez, copyrighting by Thiago Bernardi and art director Pericles M. Kwiatkowski for CCZ Comunicação, Curitiba, Brazil.

See three more bathroom campaigns below: