Fun, Effective Branding Backed by a Familiar Character

 - Dec 5, 2010   Updated: May 26 2011
Mascot marketing is a trick that has been used for decades. From the Marlboro man to Trix the Rabbit, brands that use mascot marketing usually create quite the lasting impression among consumers.

This familiarity is why the mascot still lives and thrives in today's world. From the Old Spice guy to the Twitter Fail Whale, mascot marketing is as alive now as ever.

Implications - In a society so image-driven, mascot advertising is crucial to a company's commercialism. Consumers live fast-paced lives and now have the ability to skip television commercial spots, meaning that slogans and oral-driven advertisements have less impact. If industries implement mascot-driven advertisements into their marketing strategies, they can reach their visual audience quickly and boldly.