Michael Phelps Endorses Kellogg's Frosted Flakes

 - Sep 2, 2008   Updated: Jun 20 2011
References: usmagazine
Michael Phelps is incurring the wrath of the health food crowd because he signed on with Kellogg's to promote Corn Flakes and Frosted Flakes.

Will Tony the Tiger be saying, “EEEEiiiigght” instead of “Grrrrrrrrreat?”

Wheaties, the Breakfast of Champions, was outbid by Kellogg's for the popular Olympian.

Carly Patterson, Bruce Jenner and Mary Lou Retton appeared on Wheaties boxes, and Phelps did too after the 2004 Olympics.

Implications - The emphasis on healthy lifestyles and athleticism is growing everyday and food companies are capitalizing on this growing interest by associating their products with iconic representations of healthy living ideals. While not all companies can gather endorsements from widely celebrated and recognized athletic figures, those that associate themselves with athleticism and positive lifestyle choices will see an increase in consumerism from the health-conscious masses.