From Stirring Paralympics Ads to Fierce School Spirit Editorials

 - Jun 4, 2012
These Olympic photoshoots coincide with the current buzz surrounding the upcoming British games. The event has been known to spur creativity no matter the locale, bringing about products and clothing emblazoned with the classic 5-ringed multi-hued flag. And while one would think that these creative juices have run dry after all these years, creative photographers, artists and stylists have found ways to revolutionize the portrayal of the athletic event.

Stirring Paralympic ads and fierce school spirit editorials have come to represent some of the world's most renowned publications and brands. The considerable hype that is associated with the affair has only grown with the rise of social media, imbuing businesses with the desire to capitalize on the popular occasion. These productions have exacerbated this very desire, showcasing agile apparel, sporting equipment and fierce, concentrated models.