This David Sendell Series is Quirky and Surreal

Stockholm, Sweden-based photographer and digital artist David Sendell's recent series is a charming portrayal of woodland creatures doing people-stuff under the shade of a forest canopy.

In one frame, the viewer sees two hedgehogs listening to a Victrola through a hazy midday glow. In another, the viewer is privy to a chipmunk's domestic habits: it likes to read by candlelight. Squirrels, Sendell would have us belive, are less literary but more musical than their chipmunk cousins, as in one picture one sees a squirrel sitting on a tree trunk playing a tuba. Not to be outdone by mammals, the birds in Sendell's series have their own quirks as well. In one frame, a Robin sits in a birdhouse with a sign hanging from it that reads "Kiosk."